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Book review: Matchmaker – Ivy Smoak (@IvySmoakAuthor) #mustread

Sixteen years ago Matt made a promise to only love one person. She was his one, his only, his future, and without her there would be no one. That was the vow he had wanted to speak on his wedding day, but instead he whispered them over her grave. He was a man of his word, hurt, broken, and only for her. But as the years passed his vow weighs heavily, more so as those closest to him seize the happiness he’d always envisioned he’d have. Everything he had ever wanted lay buried, along with his dreams of the future. But as life moves around him, he can’t help but feel the void, the life he could have had and wonder if, maybe, a broken vow was the only way to mend a broken soul. There was only one person he could see himself with, one person to breach his defenses and make him feel almost whole, and she was the only person he could never have.

Matchmaker is book four in Ivy Smoak’s Empire High series. Oh my God, I have never read a book that had me in fits of laughter on one page and sniffling on the next. Absolutely fantastic. I loved the characters, and having read every last one of Ivy’s books, seeing adult Matt was every bit as soul destroying as I imagined. I hurt for him, I really did. Ivy has a way of creating characters that effortlessly steal, break, and mend your heart. I read this book in one sitting, refusing to put it down, and all I want to do now is read the whole series again. I seriously can’t get enough of this author, she raises the bar to a whole new level, and I have no shame in admitting I’m not only addicted but emotionally invested in her work. This book ticks all the boxes, engaging, emotional, funny, heartbreaking, and moreish. I already need the next book. If you’ve not read this series yet, start now.

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