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Book review: S.S. Segran’s Aegis Desolation

In S.S. Segran’s Aegis Desolation, Hell was what they were living through, a hellish nightmare that had only one end in sight, the prophecy. The problem was, to stop Reyor, it was known that Tegan, Kody, Aari and Maria alone would not be enough, all five of The Chosen had to be together, and that meant they had to find and recue Jag, something which seemed more and more impossible with every attempt they made. As information becomes scarce, leads dry up, it looks like Reyor will finally get everything she has been hoping to achieve all this time, with the added bonus of a nasty little surprise for the remaining Chosen. Tension is high, desperation a constant companion as tragedy after tragedy shake The Chosen to the very core. Can they unite and face the biggest threat the world has ever know, or are they fated to watch everything they want to save crumble around them?

Aegis Desolation is the fourth book in S.S. Segran’s Aegis League Series. I read the last book about three years ago and had completely forgotten how much I was looking forward to finding out what happened next until this book found its way to me. This was another amazing, intense and gripping read with all the markers of greatness. The characters are strong, unique individuals, haunted and traumatised by their experiences as they fight to find a way to hold on to their mission and themselves against odds, grief, and haunting memories. This group has suffered, loved and lost and watched the world and things they hold dear crumble around them, bearing the weight of knowing they are the ones destined to stop this great and seemingly relentless evil from victory. High with emotion, growth, and discovery that will take the reader on an epic adventure where comradery means survival. this book will take the reader on a ride like no other. Filled with heartache, twists, action, adventure, and chaos, the stakes continue to rise as we propel forwards to what will be the final book in the series.

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