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Book Review Salby Damned by Ian D Moore

I have recently finished reading Salby Damned by Ian D Moore. Although I really enjoy zombie movies and series such as the Night of the Living Dead, The Day of the Dead, The Walking Dead, etc I have never actually read any zombie fiction before, I have always assumed, that although fun to watch, to read it would prove to be quite boring. I was wrong.

The story starts off in the small town of Salby, where the result of a company. known as FCSG. fracking yields disastrous results. The release of something which turns a simple project, into an event of cataclysmic proportions. The story mainly follows the developing relationship of Nathan and Evie, as they try to find the means to reverse the damage and keep people safe, but it introduces a multitude of brilliant characters.

From my perspective, the book displays a good knowledge of the workings of the army, and even captures the personalities of some of the more memorable people I met during my few years in the T.A 202 field hospital. I found myself grinning as certain characters couldn’t help remind me of people I once knew, or could imagine having met.

I was impressed by the depth of thought that clearly went into the story, it wasn’t all about zombies tearing people limb from limb in new and gruesome ways, it was story focused and character driven, and done in such a way you feel exactly how the author intends you to about his characters. Especially if some of them get what they deserve.

This book is expertly crafted and enjoyable to read, I would certain say any fans of the zombie sub-genre would definitely enjoy it, as well as those who like horror, or just enjoy a well constructed plot.

If you’re interested, why not pick it up? As always I have included the links below.

US $2.99 Salby Damned

UK £1.99 Salby Damned


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