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Book review: The Invasion of Heaven by Michael B. Koep

The Invasion of Heaven is a Thriller/ urban fiction written by author by Michael B. Koep indexexploring the realms of madness, heaven and hell, and broaching questions on life itself.

Bethany Winship was the beginning, or was she the end? Either way he had been warned it happened to everyone in his profession at some point. Her suicide brought with it what Loche Newirth’s friend called the three heavy what ifs. But as he reflected on these he found only questions, questions heavier than self-doubt, greater than time itself. Loche entered psychology because he sought nothing more than to find a means to heal the mind, yet as he stood atop the cliff, gripped with doubt, his own mind began to fracture. He began to write, detail the strange happenings no reasonable mind could comprehend, leaving the manuscript for his mentor Doctor Marcus Rearden, with the instruction it should only be read should something happened to him. Something happened. The content within the pages, what he has seen, experienced, will change the life of anyone who reads it. Unknown pasts and ancient conflicts start to provide answers, but at what cost? Murder, betrayal, and the long inescapable descent into madness.

I will be completely honest, at first I found The Invasion of Heaven quite difficult to get into. I think one of the main reasons for this is Michael B. Koep writes in the simple present tense, a style largely unused in favour of the more familiar past-tense. The story itself, due to the amount of insight needed, is also rather slow to start. As I continued reading I was rewarded with an intricately woven tale of madness, betrayal, hardship, mystery, perception and confusion. The story alternates between the first person perspective of Loche Newirth and the third person viewpoint of other characters, a touch I always appreciate when reading from the first person perspective as it serves to further enhance the tale. Michael B Koep weaves together countless insights into myths, mental states, beliefs, and the human condition to create the tale, all of which come together to create a unique and reflective read. Forget the characters, The Invasion of Heaven will leave you questioning what was real and what the hell just happened?


Book link:

The Invasion of Heaven



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