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Book review: Dog Training the American Male by L.A. Knight

Dog Training the American Male is a romantic comedy written by L.A. Knight

51dvbhleqtlNancy Beach hosts a relationship counselling show called ‘Life’s a Beach’, but with two failed engagements and little success in making her own relationships work her listeners are losing faith. Her ratings are plummeting, her job is in danger. Then her sister sets her up on a blind date with Jacob, a man with as many, if not more, hang ups and fears as her. When the two were forced to move in together Nancy’s sister imparted Jacob with some life saving advice, buy her a foofy dog. When the honeymoon period ended Jacob recalls this advice, not one for little yapping fluff balls he takes a little creative license, an act which earns him more trouble than resentment, but may just end up saving Nancy’s career. The new dog needs training, and it seems the dogs regime works just as well on Nancy’s boyfriend.

This is one of the only romantic comedy books I have read where I have actually caught myself laughing aloud in places. It’s a fun and entertaining read, light hearted and enjoyable. The characters are interesting, and their antics will keep you turning the pages. When I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review I never imagined I would enjoy this book to the level I did. For this kind of work I feel here the level of sophomoric humour has to be careful kept in balance to avoid becoming overbearing, and L.A. Knight got the balance just right. Great read for fun and giggles.

Book link:

Dog Training the American Male


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