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Book review: Chakra: The Quest by Jan Raymond

Chakra: The Quest (The Pha-yul Trilogy Book 3) is a fantasy/ sci-fi by Jan Raymond

Within the seemingly random rambles of an ancient text, written in a forgotten dialect 514ljuppezland protected, held in secret for the coming of the Phyag-Ide, lies the key to the world’s salvation. Or so it is believed. Sam, having discovered he is the prophesied saviour, works tirelessly, relying on the protection and insight of his circle as they race against the clock to decode the ancient tome, weed out the seemingly meaninglessness information from that he so desperately seeks. But Lucas is watching, some how aware of their movements and he wants the book for his own. He believes it and its secrets should be his. Suspicion is born as Lucas and the Dzog chen slob grwa seem to always know their plans, there has to be a traitor in their midst, such thoughts drive Sam and his circle to isolation, fearing who can be trusted. The fate of the world rests upon these young shoulders, but when their adversaries always seem to know their thoughts how can they be expected to win?

Chakra: The Quest is the third instalment in the The Pha-yul Trilogy. As the only book I have read in this series I must give the author credit for being able to create a stand alone book. Whilst some details were a little vague for anyone entering the series at this point, you do have access to the information needed which is essential to this plight. Suspense, mystery and action combine to unfold the twists and turns of an involved character-driven plot. Whilst focused on the young adult market, the adult market will also find this an enjoyable read.

Book link:

Chakra: The Quest


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