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Book Review: Lora Lee by P.J. Webb

Lora Lee by PJ Webb is the first book in the Cliff House Series and one of the best ghost 51tqcgvq4mlstories I have read for some time. Add into that the budding romance and you have an amazing tale.

Cliff House had been the source of many whispers. Fables have been passed through generations, tales of hauntings and tragedy. Lora Lee had never heard such tales, and why would she have? She had been raised on her parents’ tobacco farm. It had always just been the four of them, Lora along with her mum, dad, and brother. Until one day fate decided it had other plans. She found herself in Cliff House, unaware of its lore, unaware of the danger. Yet the memories of a nightmare she had as a child returned to haunt her. Something within the house is reaching out to her, demanding to be heard. But to heed this call has consequences. Lora is the only one who can return what once belonged to those remaining after death, and it seems they will stop at nothing to obtain that which they desire.

Lora Lee is one of those books that you simply won’t want to put down and when you reach the end, you’ll want book two. P.J. Webb presents a cast of deep and interesting characters emerged in a tale woven of lore, tragedy and despair, while investing the reader not only in the budding romance forming between Lora and Christian, but also in the history of Cliff House. This is one book I would give higher than five stars if possible. The author’s descriptive voice makes it easy to lose yourself in the world and tale created. P.J. Webb gets you hooked, intrigued, and leaves you wanting more.

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Lora Lee


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