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Book review: A Shadow in Doubt by Roari Benjamin

A Shadow in Doubt is a time travel, Sci-fi written by  Roari Benjamin

Samantha Marquet, or Sam as she is generally known, has a decision to make. One which 51-qu9kwtblcould shape the very future itself. An alarming thought given the fact her actions need to preserve the timeline, not alter it. As the protector of the Flamella tree she holds the secret to life itself and control over the Society, those carefully selected to be offered time immemorial. Her current self had been exposed into the Society long before she should have, and all must be done to prevent contamination. Some people however have other plans. Travellers sent back to kill or control her, the BOAs, people of this time whose time line cannot risk being altered, seek the philosopher’s stone and those who hold it. Whilst forming plans and trying to pre-empt and counter their attempts against her and the Society, she must also make a choice. Bailey her boyfriend, could be the enemy, aligned with one faction or another. Then again, he could also be the future she was intended to embrace had Michael not prematurely entered her life. She must keep Bailey close, learn his motives and hope whatever she chooses is the path she was intended to take. Should she allow herself to be lost in her love for Michael, or wait and see what could be with Bailey? Time will, literally, tell.

I really enjoyed the complex characters and story of this book. My one wish is that I had picked up number one first. Whilst it can be enjoyed in its own right there are a few places where reading the first book would have been of benefit. The author has a wonderful style and seems to effortless craft an entertaining tale filled with the complexities of time travel. Secret societies, questioned loyalties, love, and betrayal, what more could you want?

Book link:

A Shadow in Doubt


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