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Book review: The Dead Dance Faster by Julie Hacker

The Dead Dance Faster is a psychological, paranormal thriller by Julie Hacker. Jael is indexalmost gently forced to leave her home following yet another break up with her boyfriend Shane, and even he thinks the move to Seven Hills is warranted. The fact that her childhood friend Robbie and his wife live there is just another bonus, and they seem so eager to have her. Eventually she surrenders, packs up her room and starts out. There was already so much in her life she didn’t understand, but within Seven Hills she finds more mysteries and a single word she remembers hearing from her great grandmother Diversus.  Pressured into employment it seems as if the whole town has an agenda for her, and digging into this town’s past is perhaps the only way to understand her own, and her future.

Written in first person, with an insert of diary entries to gain insight into the Jael’s past,  The Dead Dance Faster becomes a unique tale of sanity, religious fanatics, and mystery. It’s a journey of discover where the reader is as interested in learning the truth as the protagonist. The plot is well paced, with diverse characters and realistic dialogue. You’re not just reading this, you’re along for the journey.

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US The Dead Dance Faster

UK The Dead Dance Faster


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