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Book review: Spellweaver: Olive Kennedy by Tamara Grantham

Spellweaver: Olive Kennedy, is the second book in the Fairy World MD series by author Tamara Grantham

27132837We join our heroine as she battles through the treacherous badlands of pixie swamps. Tension is high, especially when the arrival of some former allies heralds some disturbing news. The Everblossom is transferring its magic into Uli, its speaker. Something only done in times of real peril. The tree is fearful, and without it all magic in Faythander will become no more. There is no choice but to walk the treacherous path to the tree. But their arrival sees them bear witness to a horrible event, Geth has succeeded in his plan. The tree’s magic floods from Yuri to a small flower, but such is not enough to sustain the magic. Geth vows to find the flower, destroying the only hope of restoring the powers to Faythander. But with the loss of magic comes a greater danger. Those born of it will die. Worse still, the memory block and altered memories forced into Olive’s mother will begin to weaken. What should happen should she remember her hatred for her daughter, her vow to sacrifice her? Olive is forced to reply on her allies, juggling her life in Faythander and her one on Earth. But not everyone is who they seem.

Spellweaver: Olive Kennedy has a number of unexpected revelations that will take the reader by surprise. Tamara Grantham’s style is fitting with the young adult genre, although will easily be enjoyed by the adult market too. Some of the twists will keep you flicking the pages, pushing you onward through the action packed turmoil to discover what happens next. There are things you can’t wait to uncover, and questions that must be answered. Tragedy, betrayal, love, lore, and magic, what more could you ask from a fantasy? But be warned, once this tale has its claws in you, you won’t want to put it down.


Book link:

Spellweaver: Olive Kennedy (Fairy World MD Book 2)



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