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Book review: SNI: Thorndale: Part One (SuperNatural Investigations Book 1) by Fox R. R. Haddock.

SNI: Thorndale: Part One (SuperNatural Investigations Book 1) is a paranormal urban fantasy written by Fox R. R. Haddock.

Joanne and Janet are watching the recording of the now seemingly disbanded supernatural 41g4ljovmlinvestigation team’s latest mission and something doesn’t add up. Since the events recorded that day returning to work has been difficult for them.  Extended vacation, resignations,  medical recovery,  and doubt, all a factor in their reluctant return,  and yet not one of them seems to be in possession of the full truth of what happened. They knew life in  the SNI would not be without its dangers,  but they hadn’t been prepared for that fateful encounter.  Torrin had kept more than her tie to the location a secret. Her presence had been both their salvation and damnation. She manifested skills unseen, power unnoticed,  and perhaps became the only reason they made it out at all.  But there are answers needed,  answers to questions some hadn’t even thought to ask.

In all honesty it took me a number of chapters to get into SNI: Thorndale: Part One mainly because the start reads like the second book in a series where previous events are reflected upon and it assumes previous knowledge. After a short while though it became a little more like the film Momento where you piece together events and the characters life in order to gain a deeper insight into them, events,  and even their future. From that point on the story just gets better and the gains a forward momentum.  Rivalry,  clans,  chivalry,  feuds,  promises, and oaths all make up the gripping tale.  Within SNI: Thorndale: Part One lies wonderfully scripted dialogue and nicely choreographed action scenes. After reading the synopsis I have to say this book wasn’t what I was expecting,  it was better.


Book link:

SNI: Thorndale: Part One


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