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The Du Lac Chronicles by Mary Yarde

The Du Lac Chronicles is a historical fiction adventure romance by Mary Yarde

519kxxo7wylFreeing the man of her dreams from her father’s cruel and torturous hand  Annis turns against everything her father would have wanted. But why should she care? He never wanted a daughter, and the former king Alden had long been in her thoughts. Forced to flee after being discovered nursing her father’s enemy by her mother, she flees, taking the injured Alden with him, leaving behind all she has known and the threat of a hate filled marriage to a man whose wives keep dying.

Ripe with action, betrayal as well as the charm and horrors of a war torn Britain with an attention to historical detail which only serve to enhance the story. The author’s voice is engaging drawing you into Annis and Alden’s plight as they try to discover who can be trusted. A fun and enjoyable read.

Book link:

The Du Lac Chronicles


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