Book review: Crown of Delusion by Tanor Costa

Forced to flee their kingdom kingdoms​ after Amar the Storm commits regicide, Faulkner, review imageSar, and Eloy are afforded little peace. Sar and Eloy are the nephews of the King, the last living people to bear the Hamen name.  Guided by Faulkner, a fire mage, they are convinced the only course of action is to spur a rebellion. In order to face Amar they must amass an army which would not only surpass, but be able to defeat, the King’s. But Amar already has the alliance of the people, the Phantom islands, not to mention his incredibly powerful generals and King’s Guard, and the heroes have but a name and a once disgraced knight who joins their plight.  Amar, still intending to purge the Hamen line from existence, and turns the accusations of their uncle’s murder towards them Amar will use any means at his disposal to ensure their quest to build an army fails, and he has much, and many, he can exploit.
A tale of war and tragedy,  honour and betrayal. Tanor Costa writes a gripping story. It is a book of war, and there is no shortage of conflict and challenges. The main characters are forced to grow and develop as fate, and Amar’s actions, guide their course. It is no easy journey. Tanor Costa writes fast paced, action packed scenes with skill, and keeps the quest of amassing an army an interesting one. And yet, there is more, within the plot is another story, the tale of something to be.
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