Book review: The Cracked Amulet by R B Watkinson

Wefan is a powerful force. It is a thread of energy, and for those with born with Wealdan review imagerunning through their veins a force which can be manipulated. But gifts are not the only thing that come with such power. There is a religious order known as the blood priests who seek the return of Murak, and consuming the blood of those with Wealdan gives them unimaginable strength, bringing them ever closer to their goal of plunging the world into oppression and war.

The Cracked Amulet follows the trials of Coryn and Katleya as they try to fulfil their purposes, without falling prey to those who hunt them. It has some brilliant scenes, drawing a reader’s focus, and the politics and world setting are well explained. The first part of the book is slower paced than the second half, and there are events that will leave you thinking. The two protagonists grow and develop throughout, and there are some interesting twists. It was a good read, obviously a lot of consideration was put into the creation of the world, and the plot itself.
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