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Book Review: The Shadow Watcher by Roari Benjamin

Sam had a simple life, dreams, love, passions, and a secret watcher. She had been aware 51LzAofuvpLof him for some time, glimpses of him in the shadows. A strange figure, present from the time of her father’s death, and never aging. He is always there, watching her, protecting her from harm and with just cause. There are people who would seek to use her, to use a knowledge she has not yet even found, to their own gains. Sam is the keeper of the Fountain of Youth, although it doesn’t go by that name. Those who eat its fruit never age, some fear its secret was lost with the death of her father, others know that she is the key to finding it. In the wrong hands this could spell disaster, but without knowledge of this secret life, of friends, foes, and secret societies, how can she know who to trust?
A while ago I picked up the second book in this series and have been promising myself I would backtrack to the first. I’m really glad I did. Here we meet Sam for the first time, gain insight into her life, her thoughts, and the problems she faces. I found it wonderful to reconnect with some of the characters, giving me an appreciation for how they have grown and developed throughout the books I have had the pleasure of reading. It also made me appreciate the depth of intricacies that are woven throughout the first and second books. Roari Benjamin has a wonderful, immersive writing style, and imaginative ideas which she expresses in a fantastic manner. I am looking forward to reading more of her work in the future.
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