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Liz, had her fair share of problems growing up, events that gnawed at her confidence, review imageleft her questioning her own value. So when she met, and married, Charles, a man intent on loving her, helping her grow, she couldn’t have been happier. But the happily ever after was cut short before it even begins. Washed ashore following a tragic accident, wearing the tattered remains of her wedding dress, Liz as wakens holding the hand of her husband, his cold, lifeless hand. Her world begins to crumble, nothing makes sense. She just needs someone to believe her, but when they do they uncover a horrific truth. Start the clock, because time is running out. Liz must become more than she ever thought she could be if she wishes to discover what really became of Charles, before it is too late.

Brilliant. An engaging and well-written romantic suspense with more than a few twists. It is certainly a book that will keep you turning the pages. Written in alternating first person perspective from Liz and Charles’ viewpoint (with a special devational reward at the end) Amanda J Evans has no difficulty portraying the two unique personalities of her leading characters, as well as using them as tools to give depth and development to the rest of the cast. A brilliant debut novel from a clearly talented author.

I initially read this on KU but picked up a copy to keep as well

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Finding Forever