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Book review: Embellished by Karen Glista

Travis is a gamer, he and his friends are battling the evil forces plaguing Orian. But their review imagehealer abandons them, leaving them a man down. Desperate for the rare drop Travis turns to his sister, Bekka for aid. Unaware her participation will forever change her life. Bekka rarely leaves her room, suffering form the all-consuming illness which claimed the life of their mother and will soon claim her. But fate has other plans. As the boss falls the small group are being ravished by a storm, then the unexpected happens, they are forced into the  game. But that is not all, each one of them is reset to full health. Bekka relishes in her new lease of life, but soon they come to learn the dangers of this world are as intense as those of the game itself. Without weapons or skill they fall prey to their surroundings, when all seem loss hope arrives, offering salvation. But if Bekka wants to protect those she loves from harm she must pay the price.

Embellished starts with a small group of people being drawn into a fantasy world, and I must say the same was true for me. I was hooked, I found this book difficult to put down and found myself heading to bed earlier and earlier just to have a little extra reading time. It is a tale of fantasy and romance, Bekka must choose between the price who promised her friends safety, and the Vadarc who abducts and claims her as his property. The choice is difficult, should Bekka follow her heart and risk and all consuming war where thousands, maybe millions will die, or does she act in the interest of the people of this strange new world? I loved this book, Those who read my reviews know such is not a phrase I utter lightly, maybe it is the gamer in me, maybe the fantasy/ romance lover, but there was a charm to this book I just couldn’t ignore. Filled with love, suspense, war, epic battles, and difficult choices with characters who both capture your heart and your hatred. Book two is already on my Kindle.

This is a book I would, without hesitation, recommend.

I read this on KU but I have also purchased it along with the next book in the series.

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