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Book review: Karen Glista Chasing the Red Queen (@ElizabethGlist1 )

Donja’s mother has just remarried, and with that came a new upheaval. She was glad her reviewmother had found someone after her father’s death, but she had not been prepared for the change. Forced to leave her home and friends she finds herself in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.  But this is just the start. A serial killer is on the loose, targeting young female Chippewa, slicing their throat and draining their blood. Little does she know she is about to  fins herself in the sights. Her rare blood type makes her desirable. Those who know the myth and prophecies, know she is the last chance of obtaining true power. Donja is about to be exposed to a world she is no where near ready to face, and it is one she may not survive.

Brilliant, simply brilliant. I have read a number of books by Karen Glista, from LitRPG to the paranormal, this lady is made to write. She shows a fantastic imagination, and never fails to create a cast of vibrant and realistic characters. She writes in a way that will make your pulse race, or your heart skip a beat. She has lust, attraction, action, horror, and tension building down to a fine art. I loved the characters, from the somewhat  unsure Donja being pulled from her security, to Torin, the passionate heartthrob with a promise he would move the world itself to keep. Buckle down, and prepare to be drawn into an amazing adventure; a mystery, wrapped inside a myth, explored within the realms of paranormal romance and so much more. I simply loved this book, and it is deserving of some words I rarely utter, I highly recommend Chasing the Red Queen. It is easily the best paranormal book I have read this year.


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Book review: Extolled by Karen Glista (@ElizabethGlist1 )

The Brotherhood are assimilating everyone, and Nicole’s number is nearly up. She’s reviewbiding her time when a knock at the door opens an opportunity she could never have imagined. She had never expected the appearance of her half-sister, Jenna, daughter of a billionaire and, more surprising, she has a plan for escape. What choice was there to make? Nicole follows her sister only to find herself transported to a whole new world. It had taken 16 years, but Clay Kurth finally succeeded in finding a means to send flesh and blood to Orian, where his son and daughter both live following a bizarre series of events that saw them pulled into what had once been a world they thought only to be part of a game. But their arrival heralds possibly the greatest threat Orian has ever faced.

Oh wow, this is such an epic sequel to Embellished. I am scolding myself for not reading it sooner. Sixteen years have passed since we last saw Bekka Kurth, and what a sixteen years they have been. A time of peace and change, and yet on a distant horizon of an undiscovered shore a new threat has been born, and it is ravenous. There is so much to lose yourself in, there’s the lives of the characters, their families, fortune and loses, joy and tragedies. This really is one heck of a journey written with the same unrelenting pull of the first book in the series. This tale will sink its claws deep and you’ll not want to part with it until those final words and, even then, it’ll leave you wanting more.  Karen Glista has a stunning talent for fantasy, I can’t wait to see where she takes me in the third and final book of the Chronicles of Orian. This is easily one of the best fantasy books I’ve read this year, Extolled not only gets my heart-felt recommendation, but my highest compliments as well.

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Book Review: The Taking of Peggy Martin by Karen Glista

Peggy Martin wanted to make a difference, she wanted to care for people, give what she reviewcould. To those ends she became a nurse, and began to work at Rusk, a place that cared for the mentally unstable. But she had her own baggage. Her husband Danny was dead, murdered by his half-brother, or so she thought. But recent events caused her to question things she thought of as fact. Strange happenings and even stranger revelations cause her to question her own sanity as sleepless nights and disturbing images haunt her every moment. She throws herself into work, but the things she discovers, even there, only raise more questions.

I really enjoyed reading this book. From the first page it is atmospheric. Amazingly written to show the suffering, doubts and questions. I’m not the biggest fan of first person perspective, but this is one of those books that change my mind. Through the author’s style I was expertly given deep insight into Peggy’s fragile psyche and was given a deep and personal understanding into all she faced. This is what first person perspective should be like. Even if this isn’t a genre you’d normally read I highly recommend picking it up. A brilliantly dark tale.

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The taking of Peggy Martin



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Book review: Embellished by Karen Glista

Travis is a gamer, he and his friends are battling the evil forces plaguing Orian. But their review imagehealer abandons them, leaving them a man down. Desperate for the rare drop Travis turns to his sister, Bekka for aid. Unaware her participation will forever change her life. Bekka rarely leaves her room, suffering form the all-consuming illness which claimed the life of their mother and will soon claim her. But fate has other plans. As the boss falls the small group are being ravished by a storm, then the unexpected happens, they are forced into the  game. But that is not all, each one of them is reset to full health. Bekka relishes in her new lease of life, but soon they come to learn the dangers of this world are as intense as those of the game itself. Without weapons or skill they fall prey to their surroundings, when all seem loss hope arrives, offering salvation. But if Bekka wants to protect those she loves from harm she must pay the price.

Embellished starts with a small group of people being drawn into a fantasy world, and I must say the same was true for me. I was hooked, I found this book difficult to put down and found myself heading to bed earlier and earlier just to have a little extra reading time. It is a tale of fantasy and romance, Bekka must choose between the price who promised her friends safety, and the Vadarc who abducts and claims her as his property. The choice is difficult, should Bekka follow her heart and risk and all consuming war where thousands, maybe millions will die, or does she act in the interest of the people of this strange new world? I loved this book, Those who read my reviews know such is not a phrase I utter lightly, maybe it is the gamer in me, maybe the fantasy/ romance lover, but there was a charm to this book I just couldn’t ignore. Filled with love, suspense, war, epic battles, and difficult choices with characters who both capture your heart and your hatred. Book two is already on my Kindle.

This is a book I would, without hesitation, recommend.

I read this on KU but I have also purchased it along with the next book in the series.

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