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Book review: Karen Glista Chasing the Red Queen (@ElizabethGlist1 )

Donja’s mother has just remarried, and with that came a new upheaval. She was glad her reviewmother had found someone after her father’s death, but she had not been prepared for the change. Forced to leave her home and friends she finds herself in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.  But this is just the start. A serial killer is on the loose, targeting young female Chippewa, slicing their throat and draining their blood. Little does she know she is about to  fins herself in the sights. Her rare blood type makes her desirable. Those who know the myth and prophecies, know she is the last chance of obtaining true power. Donja is about to be exposed to a world she is no where near ready to face, and it is one she may not survive.

Brilliant, simply brilliant. I have read a number of books by Karen Glista, from LitRPG to the paranormal, this lady is made to write. She shows a fantastic imagination, and never fails to create a cast of vibrant and realistic characters. She writes in a way that will make your pulse race, or your heart skip a beat. She has lust, attraction, action, horror, and tension building down to a fine art. I loved the characters, from the somewhat  unsure Donja being pulled from her security, to Torin, the passionate heartthrob with a promise he would move the world itself to keep. Buckle down, and prepare to be drawn into an amazing adventure; a mystery, wrapped inside a myth, explored within the realms of paranormal romance and so much more. I simply loved this book, and it is deserving of some words I rarely utter, I highly recommend Chasing the Red Queen. It is easily the best paranormal book I have read this year.


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