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Book review: Robert Medmenham’s The New Party

The end of the world is upon us. People cower in their homes, holding their loved ones reviewclose as the bombs begin to fall, dreading the inevitable, fearing their death. But there are a few who know how to find escape from this total annihilation, perhaps for a whole lifetime. Years ago VirTim, Virtual Time, was banned. It was a means that could extend a single living second into weeks, months, even years in game depending on how crowded the server was. Those who knew where the few remaining games still hosting this could be found, logged in, and chose how they wanted to spend their end of days. Ryan is one such man, but with busy servers he is forced to choose his low level mage, knowing that a single death will kick him from the system, and he may never get back in. But the game world is not the same place as he left it. It seems the rules have changed.

The New Party is the first instalment in Ryan’s adventure, following his journey as he reacquaints himself with his old character, and seeks to find a means to survive, build a community, and live out his remaining days. It was a fun read, and for a short story I started to get a real feel for the characters and their motivations. Book two is certainly something I will be picking up. These bite sized books make for a perfect bedtime read, and give the promise of a fascinating adventure.

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