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Book review: O.Z Diggs Himself Out by Ron Baxley Jr. (@RonBaxleyJRofOz )

O.Z. Diggs the seventh, descendent of Oz the Great and Terrible Wizard, like all male reviewheirs in his family, was cursed by the wicked witch of the West. Or so the story which had been passed through many generations had been told. He was the storyteller now, and the last of his line, fated by the witch’s curse to never produce an heir. But he does think he has found a way out. In order to break the curse and thus allow himself and his family to return to Oz, he must be recognised as a descendent of his distant relative. Things seem to be in motion, he has come across one of the magical staffs owned by Oz, and through it he received a message about a band of good wizards and witches that were cast also from Oz. They call themselves the Society of the Walking Cane, and he is certain they can help him. But as is always the case, there are those of good, and those of evil, and those of evil will stop at nothing to ensure the witch’s curse remains in place. Can he break the curse, or is he fated to be the end of his line, find out in Ron Baxley, Jr’s O.Z. Diggs Himself Out.

O.Z. Diggs himself out is a spin off of the popular Wizard of Oz, focusing around the distant descendants of the original Wizard, and a curse bestowed upon his line. Ron Baxley, Jr. writes in an imaginative first person perspective style which along side a serious plot has elements of humour, and darker humour to it. As stated in the book, the lines between the real adventure, and that immortalised through the story have been altered, this allows Ron Baxley, Jr. to take something familiar and turns it to their own devises. There is a lot to like about this story, adventure, scene building, it definitely fits quite nicely into the fantasy genre, and will appeal to that audience. Imaginative, fun, and enjoyable O.Z. Diggs Himself Out makes for an entertaining read whether you’re a fan of the Wizard of Oz or not.


Book link:

O.Z. Diggs Himself Out



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