Book review: Lady Saera’s The Wizard of Crescent Keep

It all started at a curiosity shop, where curiosity really did get the better of Christopher reviewEnglish. He found an old chest, locked, sealed, and seemingly empty. He knew he had to have it, to find a way to open it and discover what was hidden inside. They say curiosity killed the cat, in this case it killed the boy, or at least made it so he could no longer be who he once was. For all intents and purposes he was dead. Whisked away to another world, Chris became a thing of the past, and Crescent was born. Years pass, with no way to return home he is schooled in magic and adapts and excels in the new world. But something is amiss. A sorcerer called Minger claims to have a cure for vampirism. Crescent has had suspicions about this figure for some time, strange deaths and bizarre happenings follow him. Crescent is finally in reach of an answer, close to the evidence he needs to stop this villain, unaware his investigation has left someone he cares about vulnerable, or the debt he is about to incur.

The Wizard of Crescent Keep Special Color Edition Book One (Volume 1) is a fantasy novel written by Lady Saera. She possesses an enjoyable narrative, a style which is simple, yet engaging, something that would easily appeal to the young adult audience and tells a tale of magic, romance, and villainy that, like many aspects of the books, is straight from a fairy tale. Disney meets the original Brother’s Grimm in the darker side of fantasy, where murderous and scheming villains manipulate and exploit naïve maidens for their own amusement and gains. The characters are interesting, I really liked the poor Sir Raven Knight, something about the poor cursed bird tugged the heart strings. I thought the map near the start of the book was a brilliant addition, as were some of the illustrations included, they really added a touch of something extra in a beautifully presented book. The Wizard of Crescent Keep is an easy, enjoyable read, that you will easily lose hours to.

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