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Book review: T.L. Howard’s The Final Choosing

It had taken his last moments in this world, but he recorded the truth. Perhaps his record reviewwould be the only copy of what had been done, and in turn what he had done. Evidence, scriptures, it all was to be destroyed so no one would almost destroy the world itself in an attempt to fulfil a prophecy. The Abbot had thought only his predecessor could open the spell which bound it and learn the truth. He had been mistaken. Faldyn, returned from the dead by unnatural means, has discovered a trail, notes leading to clues, leading to the prophecy, and he intends to exploit what he has learnt, but doing so will result in the world being torn from existence as if it had never existed. There was a prophecy, but he was not the one chosen to fulfil it, and any seeking to use it but the one selected will bring about the end.

The Final Choosing by T.L. Howard is a steady paced fantasy, building slow momentum through the journey of two opposing forces, Faldyn, who seeks to fulfil the prophecy and name one true god, and Mirah, the one approached by the divine themselves in hope to stop him. Port to port, town to city, winter to spring, you will be awed by the magnificent descriptions, crafted in such a way to conjure spellbinding scenes. The characters are as deep as they are diverse They are well-rounded, developed, and show great growth throughout their journeys. Watching Mirah try to make sense of the false trails, red herrings, and deceptions, whilst attempting to solve the cryptic riddle and understand exactly what she is trying to prevent is masterfully done. We watch and are told the reasons behind Faldyn’s misdirection, at each turn we know what must be done, and will her to realise the deception. This is a plot you cant help become invested in, and a journey you will most certainly enjoy.


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