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Book review: Eddie Price’s One Drop – A Slave

Doctor Thomas Applegate was on the brink of financial ruin. His vices, gambling and reviewdrinking, played their part and made him the perfect pawn in Jules Signet’s scheme. It was a time of racial intolerance, and people openly expressed their small minded thoughts, Signet not only shared this viewpoint but planned to exploit it to his gain. When his plan succeeds, he realises its true potential, and casts his powerful net far and wide. Embark on an emotional journey of manipulation, strategy, and change in Eddie Price’s One Drop – A Slave.

One Drop – A Slave is an engrossing and rich read filled with vibrant settings and a rich history remaining true to the era in which it was set. The characters are amazingly and believably constructed, so much so they could be based on real people, and even real events. It was a thrill to read. Hardships, weaknesses, plans, manipulations, exploitations, abuse of power and knowledge are but a few veins of a story every bit as complex as life itself. The characters you meet are rich, developed, and continue to be shaped as the plot progress, morals and regrets are pitted against fear and consequences. There are some evils, some actions that need to be stopped, and watching the characters’ epic and challenging voyage and their own personal journeys is truly a pleasure to be a part of. Eddie Price’s writing will surround and envelop you, drawing you into the page, making it difficult to tear yourself away from. It’s a long book, just the way I like them, but I never noticed the length as I was reading, there’s so much to explore and enjoy within the gripping plot that the pages sail by, even the most casual reader won’t notice the length as they are whisked away across land and sea. Prepare to be emotionally stirred in every way imaginable.


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One Drop – A Slave



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