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Book Review: The Taking of Peggy Martin by Karen Glista

Peggy Martin wanted to make a difference, she wanted to care for people, give what she reviewcould. To those ends she became a nurse, and began to work at Rusk, a place that cared for the mentally unstable. But she had her own baggage. Her husband Danny was dead, murdered by his half-brother, or so she thought. But recent events caused her to question things she thought of as fact. Strange happenings and even stranger revelations cause her to question her own sanity as sleepless nights and disturbing images haunt her every moment. She throws herself into work, but the things she discovers, even there, only raise more questions.

I really enjoyed reading this book. From the first page it is atmospheric. Amazingly written to show the suffering, doubts and questions. I’m not the biggest fan of first person perspective, but this is one of those books that change my mind. Through the author’s style I was expertly given deep insight into Peggy’s fragile psyche and was given a deep and personal understanding into all she faced. This is what first person perspective should be like. Even if this isn’t a genre you’d normally read I highly recommend picking it up. A brilliantly dark tale.

Book link:

The taking of Peggy Martin




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