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Book review: Extolled by Karen Glista (@ElizabethGlist1 )

The Brotherhood are assimilating everyone, and Nicole’s number is nearly up. She’s reviewbiding her time when a knock at the door opens an opportunity she could never have imagined. She had never expected the appearance of her half-sister, Jenna, daughter of a billionaire and, more surprising, she has a plan for escape. What choice was there to make? Nicole follows her sister only to find herself transported to a whole new world. It had taken 16 years, but Clay Kurth finally succeeded in finding a means to send flesh and blood to Orian, where his son and daughter both live following a bizarre series of events that saw them pulled into what had once been a world they thought only to be part of a game. But their arrival heralds possibly the greatest threat Orian has ever faced.

Oh wow, this is such an epic sequel to Embellished. I am scolding myself for not reading it sooner. Sixteen years have passed since we last saw Bekka Kurth, and what a sixteen years they have been. A time of peace and change, and yet on a distant horizon of an undiscovered shore a new threat has been born, and it is ravenous. There is so much to lose yourself in, there’s the lives of the characters, their families, fortune and loses, joy and tragedies. This really is one heck of a journey written with the same unrelenting pull of the first book in the series. This tale will sink its claws deep and you’ll not want to part with it until those final words and, even then, it’ll leave you wanting more.  Karen Glista has a stunning talent for fantasy, I can’t wait to see where she takes me in the third and final book of the Chronicles of Orian. This is easily one of the best fantasy books I’ve read this year, Extolled not only gets my heart-felt recommendation, but my highest compliments as well.

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