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Book review: Fate’s Cry by Jalpa Williby

Fate’s Cry is an urban fantasy by Jalpa Williby

51yrtcgmn6l-_sy346_Kelsey has lived a tough life, haunted by loss and regret. She has lost everyone she was ever close to. These fears prey on her mind each time she chooses to open herself up to someone. Then came the night she met Damien, he stirred in her feelings she never dreamed of. But there is danger lurking, Damien is secretive, revealing little of his past, and to make matters worse there’s a serial killer roaming the streets, and it seems their eyes are now trained on her.

Fate’s Cry is a well-written urban fantasy romance with enjoyable characters who grow and develop as the plot progresses. It is the kind of story easy to lose yourself in and hard to put down. It was a refreshing read for a book in the genre, and clearly much thought went into the plot, lore, and characters.

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Fate’s Cry


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