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Book review: Prince of the Blood – Transformation by P.J. Webb

Prince of the Blood – Transformation is a historical, paranormal, urban fantasy written by 51uummlz0dlauthor  P.J. Webb and is the first book in the Prince of the Blood Chronicles.

Sebastian Du Sang, or Sebastian Blood as he is also known, left his home to pursue his passion of music. He never would have imagined his fate would have been sealed on that day. On the train he met a young woman by the name of Leanna, and his life was fated never to be the same again. Leanna sought more from him than he was willing to give, and so she took everything, his love, his life, his soul. Sebastian seeks revenge, vowing to ensure all like her reap their just desserts. He will give them cause to fear, because while Leanna has her secrets, he has some of his own.

Prince of the Blood is certainly a well researched, unique and, captivating read. It reminds me in some ways of Interview with a Vampire. This book has many merits and there has clearly been a lot of thought put into it in order to create an interesting origin story and individual plot. This is certainly not your run of the mill paranormal vampire novel and fans of the genre will not be disappointed. P.J. Webb  creates an array of memorable characters, gripping scenes, and wonderful portray of the cities and time being described.

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Prince of the Blood – Transformation


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