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Book review: Divergent Bloodlines by T.J. Shaw

Divergent Bloodlines by T.J. Shaw is a paranormal romance. Viviane Taylor works with her diverpartner Mike hunting down the bad guys and closing case after case for her precinct. She is driven by her career, her dream is to be the first female lieutenant in her department, and her career seems to be on track. That is until an early morning call rouses her, another murder. But this will be unlike any she had faced in her career. She is thrust head first into a world she knows nothing about, and Julian DeMatteo, King of this world, will do all he can to ensure she stays beside him, where she belongs. But other people have different ideas. Viviane can’t understand her pull to this man, from the time she first face him she was under his thrall, and whilst he wants her as his own, he must also shield her from the knowledge of his world.

An enjoyable paranormal romance written in a beautifully descriptive style Divergent Bloodlines would be enjoyed by more mature fans of The Vampire Diaries fans. It contains erotic scenes, action, romance, controversy, and what paranormal tale would be complete without secrets and revelations? The characters are well-developed, and the author successfully creates the right amount of intrigue to keep those pages turning.

Book link: Divergent Bloodlines


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