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Book review: Dying Thoughts – First Touch by Joey Paul (@MsJoeyBug)

Tara Leverton didn’t ask for this unusual gift but it started just after her mother died. reviewTara had been six when cancer had claimed her mother, or at least that was what she had been led to believe. The visions, however, told a different story. She was fifteen now and had learnt these episodes were brought on by contact with second-hand objects, and she often awoke from the seizure they induced to hear the reassurance that an ambulance was on its way. But there was  nothing reassuring about an ambulance, being on a gurney people had died on, or in a  bed in a ward where people had met often violent or tragic ends. For six months she had managed to keep it under control, adjust her life to avoid triggers,  and then Kaolin came into her life. It was a simple mistake, but one that was a catalyst for all that would follow.

This was a gripping read. It is written in a first person narrative style perfectly suited to the internal monologue of a fifteen year old. It possesses a steady pace and is packed with intrigue. From the moment I started reading  I knew I’d be having a late night, I’d planned to read just a few chapters, but I simply couldn’t stop . I certainly look forward to reading more of Tara’s adventures in the future.

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Dying Thoughts – First Touch



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