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Book review: Dying Thoughts – Second Sight by Joey Paul (@msjoeybug)

Tara is struggling to come to terms with her new gift, okay, well it’s not a new gift, she’s reviewhad it since she was six. The only thing is, she didn’t know exactly what is was, other than perhaps a crack in her sanity. Her father, who could have made everything much easier by talking to her about it, said nothing. He thought he was shielding her from pain. He hoped the visions his wife, Tara’s mother, suffered from had not been passed on. He clung to this hope even when she suffered from the same symptoms. He had lied to her about how her mother died, a truth that could have spared her so much confusion, and now it seems impossible to trust him. Fortunately she has Kaolin, the friend whose kinship came at the price of exposing her father’s lies, not to mention kidnap and murder. She had her concerns when the teacher once more added a new student to her group, she was worried something of Cassie’s would cause a similar drama and terror she had experienced with Kaolin. Cassie would indeed bring something to her, it just wasn’t what she had expected, although visions are certainly inevitable, their not like Tara has ever experienced.

A wonderful addition to what is quickly becoming a gripping series. I read book one on Tuesday night and picked this one up for my last night’s read. I am really enjoying watching Tara and Kaolin’s evolving friendship. I’m never normally one for first person narrative but this is certainly wonderfully written. I said it before, but it possesses a brilliant inner monologue, and once again the author whisks you away on an adventure where you are trying to put together the pieces, only it’s more complicated this time, for reasons I won’t reveal. I’ve picked up book three and can’t wait to dive in to see what new troubles find Tara.

Book link:

Dying thoughts – Second sight



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