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Book review: Dying thoughts – Third Wish by Joey Paul (@msjoeybug)

Since the first day of the new term Tara has eagerly awaited the end of year summer reviewholidays. Six weeks of bliss, minimal study, and free time. She can barely wait for that final bell to ring, her mind was filled with visions of duvet mornings and joy. But her father had other plans. He decided, since next year is Tara’s last year in high school, and she has no desire to go to college, she needed experience, she needed a summer job. Her days of comfort are quickly replaced with police work, her new job, and coursework. After all, working full time for a charity means she can’t afford to slack off, otherwise she’ll never get the work done for school, and despite not caring about her grades there are some boundaries she won’t push with her father. The thing is this new job is with a charity that helps disabled and seriously ill children with conditions that affect their quality of life. By her second day she knows something is not quite as it seems, and if her latest vision is anything to go by, her instincts are right on the money.

This is another enjoyable edition to the series. Joey Paul gives the reader yet another thrilling adventure as Tara is dragged through her life with a gift that can feel more like a curse. From the first book as a reader you see growth, some of it reluctant on Tara’s part, and great development. Joey Paul certain has a talent for this genre. Her writing style is immersive, to the point where I start reading and, what seems like moments later, I glance at the clock and realise a few hours have passed. I look forward to reading the next book in the near future.

Book link.

Dying thoughts – Third wish


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