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Ryuu’s life is about to change. It is his thirteenth birthday and from this day 51yCt92BP-Lon nothing will ever be the same. He had always been different, he matured quicker, grew and developed faster than his peers. He had known he wasn’t quite like everyone else and worked hard to gain approval. He just doesn’t realise exactly how different he truly was. But he is about to find out. There would be eight chosen, eight heroes would rise and stand against the tyranny of the Black Dragon, he is but one, but all must unite if there is any hope to stand against this evil, but they may already be too late.

Throughout this book there were numerous gems which made me think of other fantasies I have encountered encountered over the years spanning from the jrpgs such as Arc the Lad, and Breath of Fire, all the way to movies such as Disney’s Treasure Island. The rapport between the characters is well written and suited to the young teenage audience, while still being enjoyable to the older generation. This is a tale of heroes, of friendships and peril and standard against the odds.

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