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Book review: Adrenaline Secrets: A Deadly DNA Novel by Carolyn Reilly (@CReillyBooks )

Carolyn Reilly presents an amazing read in her Adrenaline Secrets: A Deadly DNA Novel reviewThere are naturals and there are Genetic InVitros or GVs. But lately, in Reardon, there are other concerns, people are turning into rabid killers, and whilst there were many theories, disease, drugs, etc, the truth remained there was no evidence of either, simply because these rogues somehow seemed to evade capture. The attacks were getting worse and tension across the city is at an all time high. Meanwhile, a plane on its way to Reardon fell off the radar, the only image located was that of a crashed vessel, no survivors. Rumoured to have been on board was a German scientist, someone who wanted to aid the committee in taking down GovCorp, and he was bringing them some vital information. A rapid mission was assembled in order to reach the wreckage before GovCorp did. Kendra a skilled linguistic was partnered with Jake, a VG who makes her blood boil in more ways than one. A misunderstanding caused great friction, but the chemistry between them is undeniable. Their attraction is dangerous, but will it be their salvation, it their undoing?

A brilliant book, without a question.  Carolyn Reilly Combines romance with suspense and intrigue to create a plot that is not only enticing, but brilliant. The attraction between the characters, the conflicts, and the attitudes and prejudices are expertly portrayed to create a real feel to all that transpires. This book is none stop action, from trying to survive rogues, and uncover the truth, all the way to the passion between Jake and Kendra. The erotic scenes are expertly crafted like the book itself they are well-written, descriptive, and by no means crude as some can be, better yet, the plot doesn’t rely on sex to work. It is an amazing story, and one where all the facts don’t become clear to the end, and even then you’ve still a few surprises in store. Needless to say there’s more than one twist on the way. My only complaint is I couldn’t put it down and didn’t end up sleeping until half three this morning. Oops. Highest praises to Carolyn Reilly for writing such an amazing plot that there really was no choice between turning the next page and sleep. Hands down one of the best books of this genre I’ve read this year, and definitely in my all genre top ten of 2018. Adrenaline Secrets: A Deadly DNA Novel gets the honour of a phrase I rarely utter, I highly recommend this book. It really is the whole package.


Book link:

Adrenaline Secrets: A Deadly DNA Novel (The Deadly DNA Series)



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