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Book review: Taeowolf by Kris Moger

Taeowolf is the first book in the Zentrin series by author Kris Moger. The caste system reviewhad been abolished, but in reality very little had changed Hunaen clan still did the grunt work, Elvean tended the fields, Wolvean handled business, and the Feleal owned pretty much everything else. The only chance to break away was through hard work and education. That was precisely what Aiden had been doing, although he spent a lot of time dreaming. He’d always had one particularly vivid dream, and now a word had followed him back, Taeowolf. It was a name belonging to one of the five founders of the Zentrin Guards. He was a great leader, and his name became a title, a name for justice. All of Aiden’s education would not prepare him for what he must do, what he must face, after all, the real history was buried and events manipulated to ensure no challenge would never arise and that the Zentrin Guards could never return. Aiden has been selected to face the challenges of the Mist, a test he must face to find balance and prove his worth, but there are those who would go to any lengths to ensure his failure, and not everyone can be trusted to guide him on the path of his destiny.

Taeowolf is an intense story filled with vivid characters and an imaginative plot, it is certainly an example of fantasy at its best and a book you’ll be hard pushed to put down. This is not only an adventure, but one that plays with psychology, philosophy and relationships. The characters are easy to connect with, even the ones you may not like are, in their own way, likable, and I will certainly be looking forward to seeing the next book in the series, I can’t wait to see where Kris Moger takes us next, but one thing is for certain, if they deliver on the promises made in Taeowolf it will be an tremendous adventure.


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