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Book review: Tenebrous by G.A. Renteria

Sehren had not been plagued by nightmares for some time, perhaps he should have reviewtaken their return as a prediction of ill-tidings. But instead he thought it to be nerves. That day he was to bring the crown prince into the Knights, but more importantly the price would become his squire. It was not a decision Sehren was pleased with, or a role he wished to undertake, but he would do his duty, and do so fairly. He had no idea that someone was counting on him doing just this in order to further their own ambitions. Sehren failed to expect such treachery and as a result his life is torn apart, all in the name of a greater scheme, but can the truth be heard when spoken by the lips of one thought to have committed the most heinous of crimes?

Well written with great character development and world building Tenebrous is an easy book to lose yourself in. I love a good fantasy, and the scene setting and plot execution of this book is done well. You feel yourself drawn to the characters, experiencing things from their perspective and wanting to know what fate has in store.

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