The Ancestral Odyssey: The Utopian Dream – Reviewed by K.J Simmill

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Well here it is guys, the third and final review written by K.J Simmill, a very talented woman, author of the highly successful Forgotten Legacy Series, which currently has three books to it’s name. Before I expand on this author’s achievments and present her review, before I talk about the experience and give you my thoughts on what the reviewers wrote, I would personally like to thank all of the reviewers who took the time out to read and write about my work. It is so very touching to know what you think, whether I received good or bad reviewers it is important to thank the people who wished to share their critique of my book, a book I have slaved over for the past ten to fifteen years.

About the reviewer: K.J Simmill, is an award winning British author who has written a total of five books. Books which…

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