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Book review: Purple Mike: A Trip by Sin Mils (@SinMils )

Purple Mike: A Trip, is a children’s/ young teen tale written by Sin Mils. It is best described as an revieweducational/ urban fiction. The humans in Anyplace once lived a peaceful existence, never wanting, never fearing. Vicodin however lived elsewhere, and he watched the beings of Anyplace with malice and hatred. He despised them, hated their happiness, their mere existence infuriated him. But he had a plan, he would corrupt them, taint all that is good with his own gang of outlaws, Pot, Pill, and Powder, led by Purple Mike. He planned to start small and spread his seed of corruption far and wide, but then something occurred even he had not been prepared for, her name was Sally Sue, and Purple Mike’s mission was turned askew by unfamiliar feelings towards her, those of love. But Vicodin’s plan was already advancing at speed, and the destruction Mike and his gang have wrought seems beyond repair. But for her, he knew he must try. 

Written in a very charming manner for such a heavy topic. In some ways it reminded me of something I’d expect to see from Dr Zeus, although with a far more serious topic. I can certainly say that I have never read anything like it. Purple Mike: A Trip by Sin Mils, warns readers about the dangers of drugs through an engrossing and easy to read story. It shows the reader how drugs can cause serious harm despite seeming innocent and warns of the dangers of usage. It is actually a very clever and serious book disguised in a fun read which shows actions and consequences. I can certainly see this finding its way into the heart of many parents who want to educate their young teen on the dangers in a more fun and creative manner.


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Purple Mike: A trip



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