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Book review: The Biography of Prophets by Javon Rahman Bertrand

The Biography of Prophets by Javon Rahman Bertrand is not your typical book on
51cteqobatlprophets, it aims to offer insight into their life, and create more of a person from the myth, to help the reader understand the life and assignment of a prophet. The Biography of Prophets states being a prophet cannot be learned it is the acceptance of an eternal call. For each prophet within the bindings, Javon Rahman Bertrand delves into their life, discussing their family, how they discovered their calling as a prophet, their tasked assignment, and their death. It covers the major transitions in their life, creating a more human and complete image of figures held in an almost inhuman regard.

The Biography of Prophets is a very educational book, even to those who have spent much time in study of religion. For instance it discusses what a mantle actually is. Whilst one of material is worn i.e. a robe, this is not the prophet’s actual mantle such a thing cannot be crafted by man as it is breathed by God. It is the calling itself. It also works to correct misunderstandings and ambiguations, helping the reader to gain a truer understanding of these figures, be them prophets of the past, present, or future and supports its claims by referencing various passages from the bible, as well as drawing on the author’s own experience and research. It not only covers the more widely known prophets, but those often overlooked or forgotten. I appreciated how the book’s conclusion inspires further reading on those interested in the topic.
I myself have spent many years studying various forms of religion and found this book to be an informative and well-presented discussion written at a level that is accessible to all.
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