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Book review: Chalice of Shadows by C.N. Lesley

Morgan knew little but slavery. She had small glimpses of peaceful times in a world with a 41whnq73i8lsky of green, then she awoke in the land of the blue sky, mutilated. She was but six summers old when the slavers killed the old woman who had harmed her. Her throat scarring seeing her turned to labour rather than pleasure in the slave circuits. She had no idea of the future that awaited her, even her captors hadn’t realised the extent of her worth until it was too late. The Nestines were without a queen, and the talents now discovered in Morgan made her the perfect candidate for the role. With her they could once more breed their army and become the dominant species, instead of one who hunted in skyships and used priests to instill fear. But Morgan has a calling, a mission of grave importance. She must retrieve what some have called the Chalice of the Seer. The last time such a quest was given it was Arthur and his sword, a pinnacle in war against the Nestines that turned the tides in their favour.But will she be able to complete the mission with the Nestines hot on her trail, and the quest itself driving her to the edge of madness?

Chalice of Shadows is an inspired read. A new and imaginative take on Arthurian legends and myths C.N. Lesley adapts the well-known mythos to fit their own fantastic world. Hints and tales of characters from previous books reward her regular reader’s, whilst ensuring the book is stand alone in its telling, yet builds upon the work before it. This is the third book I have read by C.N. Lesley and I can say with all confidence that it certainly won’t be the last. I love the author’s imagination and narrative voice. I find her stories and characters compelling, and her plots full of imagination. If fantasy is your genre you won’t be left wanting.

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