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Book review: What I’d do for Love by K.F. Johnson

Greer had sacrificed so much for her husband Michael. She supported his decision to 51kgxmcikplchange career, she funded his education as he studied to become a sleep therapist. She gave and she gave. Committed to her marriage, to building a better life, not once did she resent putting her dreams on hold while he pursued his. What she did resent however was discovering his affair with a woman from his new dream job. He didn’t even hide it well, sex-soaked sheets and her perfume lingered on their marital bed long after she had left. Well no more. She had given too much for too long to be left with nothing in divorce. She hatched a plan, and his fancy woman Marlene would be the one to take the fall. Her plan was fool proof. Or was it? Her new found freedom brought with it confidence, a power she had never tasted, and she wanted more. With Marlene’s trial coming up she had to be careful, easier said than done when even her own so-called family, true to form, go out of their way to treat her with anything but the respect she deserved. They had not welcomed their father’s bastard child into their house when she was but a little girl, and their hatred only deepened over the years and one of her so-called sisters already suspected she knew more than she was telling.

Sex, lies, betrayal, murder, and love ensure What I’d do for Love has all the ingredients of a great tale. K.F. Johnson creates a wide cast of characters every bit as complex as their relationships. Hauntingly real, the characters are filled with such life and emotion that you can’t help but be caught up in their life. You learn their darkest secrets, their dreams, and all they have had to endure. Greer was not the only one suffering, but is the focal point of this tale and she is certainly a woman scorned and without restraint. Her progression from the book’s start to its finale is brilliant, her actions more daring as she allows the power from her deeds to fuel her jealousy and rage. A Brilliantly written and highly imaginative tale of transition, showing just how far a person will go when given the right push in the wrong direction.
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