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Book review: Sam’s Song by Hannah Howe

Enquiry Agent Samantha Smith was just scraping by, her office, like her life, refurbished 51sg5s9ebeland in desperate need of some TLC. Then along came Milton Vaughan-Urquhart who worked for multi-millionaire Derwena de Caro, a pop-star and diva with more than her own share of baggage. The most recent addition to the list, a stalker. Derwena demanded a female private eye, with a shortage of those meeting the description, and the brilliant reputation Sam has been working to secure, she was the logical choice. But the case is not the only problem she has to contend with. Dan, her abusive ex-husband returns to the scene, and then there was the interest shown in her by Dr Alan Storey, her client’s psychiatrist, but is his interest anything more than professional, or can he see the deep rooted trauma from her life?

Sam’s Song follows a week in the life of Enquiry Agent Samantha Smith, and what a week it was, murder, mayhem, and the return of an abusive spouse. From the first page I couldn’t help drawing some parallels to the old Dick Tracy books, not so much in the style of narrative, but the vibe was certainly there. This book is character driven, and as such you will find an array of interesting people, all with distinctive personalities, but strongest of all is our mild mannered protagonist, who seems to be the only one unable to see her own value.
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