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Book review: Strange Luck by Amie Irene Winters

Strange Luck is a fantasy novel written by Amie Irene Winters
strangeluck_newkindlecover1Daisy Darling wants nothing more than to leave the town of Sea Salt and her family’s oddity shop, Strange Luck, behind.  Travel the world and study to become a writer. She has an imagination that knows no bounds, but even she can’t bring herself to believe the tales spun about the store she would be forced to run. It was said every item within had Supernatural secrets, from ravens that spoke in riddles to more dangerous curiosities. Quite simply Daisy Darling did not believe. But something was about to happen to change all that. For one hundred years Strange Luck has guarded a letter, and the secrets within will change the very course of her life.

Strange Luck by Amie Irene Winters reminds me very much of a combination between the old TV series Friday the thirteenth and The Neverending Story. A vast world of fantasy and imagination is created, overflowing with charm and adventure. The characters of Daisy and Roger, the two main protagonists, are well-developed and embark upon a wonderful journey which could be enjoyed by adult and child alike. This tale,  and the skill with which it is told is a testament to the author’s talents.  It was a truly wonderful read.
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