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Book review: Welcome to the Galaxy by M D Tabat

Welcome to the Galaxy is an urban sci-fi reminiscent in some places of Douglas Addams in 51xweehjclhumour. When Quane’s spaceship arrived near the International Space Station he could almost taste the sale and what would it matter if his goods were not exactly above board? He was offering the people of Earth a chance to own their very own engine capable of travel through the universe. His first contact was with the fortunate souls occupying the space station, or more specifically Richard, who literally drew the short straw. Quane pulled out all the stops, spinning his greatest pitch. But the people of Earth have no idea what they purchased, or the dangers it would bring. Quane is a used-engine sales man, and his goods aren’t exactly up to code. Needless to say when the humans test their new merchandise, after years of preparation, things do not go quite as they envisioned.

Welcome to the Galaxy is an entertaining science fiction with strong characters and interesting plot. The story itself is split into parts giving a clear indication of time passage, whilst filling the reader in on important events that occurred during that time M D Tabat’s narrative voice is perfect for this work, allowing the tale to be gripping, serious, and yet filled with a very Hitchhiker’s Guide humour. I particularly appreciated the attention time to scientific detail and thought the concept of dark space, as a means to travel, was brilliant. The author does not shy away from science and explanations, but also makes it accessible, clever, and easy to understand for anyone with little scientific knowledge. All in all, I’m really glad I read Welcome to the Galaxy.


Book link:

Welcome to the Galaxy


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