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Book review: Dew on Ginkgo Leaves by Todd L. Shuler

Dew on Ginkgo Leaves is a historical fiction written by author Todd L. Shuler. Wu Lei and Jade Flower had been the perfect team. They fought side by side in deadly union in protection of the empire and their battle cry struck terror in the hearts of all. Then after one gruelling battle Jade Flower’s cry was not echoed by her husband. She found him in the grasp of death, his passing would have marked the end of her own life, if not for the dart she found embedded within him. She knew then no enemy was responsible for his death, they had been betrayed by one of their own. She vowed to seek out his murderer, but the empire had not finished with her, deemed essential she was quickly reassigned into another unit of husband and wife warriors, and forbidden her time of mourning and assigned a new partner. Despite this new loyalty she vows to find her husband’s assassin, but first, the tigress that she is needs to be tamed, she must learn to see through the rage, to transform this act of personal vengeance into an act for the empire. Only with such detachment and clarity can she hope to bring down her husband’s killer, and remove the threat they pose to the empire itself.

Dew on Ginkgo Leaves is a truly gripping read. I found myself immersed in ancient China, complete with traditions and historical accuracy. I learnt many new things, and was encouraged to recall some I knew from history lessons and personal research, yet at no time did I feel I was being schooled in this era. The writing is smooth, gripping and wrought with well-scripted, and realistic action. Todd L. Shuler writes a believable tale based in the ancient era and does so brilliantly. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Dew on Ginkgo Leaves It was a truly fascinating acting tale of love, loss, patriotism, and deceit, certainly more than enough to keep any reader turning the pages.


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