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Book review: Dark Harvest (Dark Moon Series Book 2)

Dark Harvest (Dark Moon Series Book 2) is a paranormal, urban fantasy written by authors Shelly M. Burrows and Michael S. Stewart.

Mike and Bentley were exiled from their home for all eternity.  They knew there would be 51c9nb1n3tlthings they would miss,  the sun,  their friends,  but they certainly wouldn’t miss the trouble. They had each other and that was all that really mattered. They looked forward to a fresh new start, intending to take full advantage of the opportunity to simply be together. But whilst they may have left trouble behind, it isn’t finished with them yet. Chess and Soren have located a recently unearthed relic. An obsidian sacrificial knife and it is just what they needed. It was rumoured this knife was once used by the Aztecs and said to retain the souls of all killed by its blade. Now they have their own purpose in mind for this ancient relic.  They are hell bent on revenge.  As the only ones to survive from their brood they have spent centuries avoiding their Sire, Cronus,  but the odds are slowly tipping to their favour. Soon will come the time to face him, but first they must gather power, and there are few who would dare stand in their way.

Dark Harvest is an action packed read, filled with  vivid, interesting characters. Shelly M. Burrows and Michael S. Stewart write in a way that clearly shows the depth of creation in both world, back stories, and characters. Clearly a lot of time and attention has been spent not only on the gripping main plot, but character arcs and stories. The more you read, the more you feel you know these characters, and thus the more invested in the plights you become. The characters mentioned above aren’t the sole focus of the story, there is a wide cast, each with their own roles to play in events. The paranormal market, being in high demand, has become saturated of late, but this is one story that breaks away from the restrictive notions and breathes fresh life into a genre which is quickly becoming stagnant.


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Dark Harvest


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