Book review: Goldilocks (Flirtatious Fairytales Book 5) by Jess James

Goldie had been alone a long time, she just hadn’t realised it. She gave Jake her first 41kprcrjutl-_sy300everything, and it seemed she was nothing more than a game to him. He started to control her, subtly, like not wanting to hang out with her friends, until she became isolated from them. Then one day she found herself on the run, fleeing to a place she hoped even he wouldn’t find her. How could he? She didn’t even know where she was herself. Tired and lost she comes across what seems to be an empty cabin in the woods. The relentless walking, the isolation, all too much to bear she decides to use it as shelter for the night. Hoping whoever owned it wouldn’t begrudge her this shelter. She had hoped to escape her life, but what she found instead gave her something she so desperately needed.

This is the second book by Jess James I have read, and it was a fun read. It takes about an hour so it is the perfect bedtime story, but keep your children away from this one, as the title implies this is a tale of an adult nature. I must say that Jess James writes brilliant erotica, the language is soft and inviting, whilst full of passion, instead of the crude and coarse style most author’s opt for. This not only makes it a pleasure to read, but a perfect starting point for people new to romantic erotica, or those who find themselves cringing at some of the more vulgar terms that tend to fill this type of work. Goldilocks is a nice twist on the fairy tale, and a good fun read. As I said, the perfect bedtime story.
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