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Book review: Dauntless by Thomas G. Atwood Jr.

Kacey once had a normal life, a normal best friend, a normal crush. Or so she had thought. 51vkinkxrglIn the blink of an eye, or more accurately within the final gift left to her by her mother, everything changed. This final gift had been kept from her, sealed away until her eighteenth birthday, and it contained her true heritage. One bound until this day. The inheritance from her mother went beyond material possessions, it was magic itself. A magic she had recognised and sealed within her own child. Kacey’s first glimpse of this world was through her mother’s journal. Its pages detailing monsters, and how to kill them. Kacey’s mother had been renowned, working for a hidden organisation known as The Sentinels and now, with a bounty on her head, Kacey must quickly learn to utilise her new found powers, whilst trying to protect her mother’s journal, a prize and powerful tool to anyone, be them good or evil. But there is more than one part to this journal, and rumours say the two halves are a Kingmaker. Kacey has the first half and both sides wish to use her for their own gains.

If Grimm, Supernatural, and Buffy had a love child it would be something like this. A hidden world of monsters and hunters, with a little comedy thrown in, makes Dauntless by Thomas G. Atwood Jr. an enjoyable feast for those wanting an action-packed, quick-paced read. I found some of the descriptions wonderful, the narrative and imagery from the first chapter alone had me hooked. It’s written perfectly for the young adult genre but will also hold a similar appeal to the adult market.


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