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Book review: Phoenix by Daccari Buchelli

Reiza made a prophecy. She predicted that one day Emperor Jugan’s first born son, Ryore, 51jd2gfxnglwould marry the enemy and secure his father’s throne. Nothing could be further from what the Emperor desired, for himself, or for his kingdom. Ryore was weak, he would make an awful king, and such a thing could not be allowed to come to pass. Violetta’s only crime was being the prophesied woman. In order to avoid the future the Emperor decided to set a plan into motion, one which continued long after his own reign ended. If Violetta was to meet her end then this marriage could never be. What he didn’t realise is that his actions had unforeseen circumstances consequences. What should have been a subtle assassination cost Violetta her dearly and forever changed the course of her future. A hidden agenda from those set to gain sees an interest in ensuring Reiza’s words come to pass, but will the flame princess see the truth, or will she be blinded by her own fire?

At its core Phoenix (The Peradon Fantasy Series Book 1) by Daccari Buchelli is a tale of magic, romance, and deceit, cast within a beautiful realm. The characters are well-written and Peradon, their world consisting of four elemental realms is highly imaginative and beautifully depicted. The characters are each unique, individual in heart and mind, and their motivations are real spanning from love to power, weaving their desires into the very fabric of their own story arc. The narrative style is easy flowing, making it an ideal read for young adult / adult.
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