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Book review: Waiting for You by Allison Williford

Up and coming go-to advice girl, Kylie Lewis, is something of a loner. She has her best 51qduht1eblfriend Cat, and her mother, Sarah. Since her last relationship failed she has found it hard to offer that part of herself to someone again. She used her heartbreak as an excuse to further shut herself away from the outside world. But what are best friends for if not to tear you from your comfort zone? Cat drags Kylie to a concert, here in the pit, amidst the crowd she meets Adam, who literally knocks her off her feet. Just as Kylie begins to feel she could, maybe, trust this man with her heart, she is told the most devastating news and nothing from will ever be the same again. Can a new relationship survive, as Kylie pulls away from everyone?

This was a nice story with very real character interaction. It focuses on love and heartache, hardship and comfort. The characters all have their own detailed past brought into play through the events of Kylie’s story. We learn about them, and see how their own experiences shaped their lives. Well-written at a slow and steady pace, this contemporary romance is sure to appeal to young adults as well as the more mature reader.
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